IRRV Diploma


IRRV Level 3 Diploma in Local Taxation, Benefits and Advice (QCF)


This qualification is the ideal way for staff to get their knowledge and abilities accredited by the recognised awarding body for this sector.


Who is this qualification for?


This qualification is for:


•Local taxation practitioners

•Housing Benefit assessors

•Local taxation and benefit advisors

•Welfare benefit advisors


How is this qualification assessed?


An assessor will be allocated to each learner.


The assessor and learner will discuss and agree which units are to be worked on next, and what evidence needs to be gathered to get the unit assessed.


Evidence may be:


•Evidence produced from actual work, such as screen captures, documents produced

•The assessor observing the learner undertaking tasks

•The assessor asking the learner questions, either verbally or in writing

•The assessor having a discussion with the learner

•An explanation from the learner of their knowledge or activity

•A combination of these


LWB Training has workbooks available for each of the units to guide the learner in the evidence and explanations that they need to provide. These do not do the work, but ensure that the learner is on the right track.


An electronic portfolio will be used to keep a record of the progress, provide remote feedback and supoort and store evidence.


In addition, we provide short videos as part of the course to refresh the knowledge of learners.


What does this qualification include?


This qualification is made up of 11 units from the following:


Unit 1 - Work effectively in the administration of Local Taxation or Benefits - Generic

Unit 2 - Maintain records of properties for Local Taxation - Local taxation

Unit 3 - Establish individual liabilities - Local taxation

Unit 4 - Monitor and update amounts due, including updating reductions - Local taxation

Unit 5 - Implement billing and collection procedures - Local taxation

Unit 6 - Monitor payment arrangements - Local taxation

Unit 7 - Implement enforcement and recovery procedures - Local taxation

Unit 8 - Evaluate benefit claims - Benefits

Unit 9 - Calculate and pay benefits - Benefits

Unit 10 - Update claims when notified of a relevant change - Benefits

Unit 11 - Apply controls to minimise overpayments - Benefits

Unit 12 - Take appropriate action to calculate and recover overpayments - Benefits

Unit 13 - Process appeals against authority decisions (practical) - Generic

Unit 14 - Process appeals against authority decisions (knowledge) - Generic

Unit 15 - Understand the law relating to local taxation valuation and billing - Generic

Unit 16 - Understand the law relating to local taxation enforcement and recovery - Generic

Unit 17 - Understand the general principles of housing benefit - Generic

Unit 18 - Understand the law relating to routine housing benefit cases - Generic

Unit 19 - Understand the law relating to non-routine housing benefit cases - Generic

Unit 20 - Understand the general principles of local taxation - Generic

Unit 21 - Understand the administration of local taxation and benefit services - Generic

Unit 22 - Understand the law and principles of detecting fraud - Generic

Unit 25 - Understand the law relating to Local Council Tax Support - Generic

Unit 26 - Provide information on welfare benefits to customers - Generic


There are a variety of ways these units can be put together to form a complete qualification. Talk to us for the details.


The cost per candidate will be £1,850 for 1-5, £1,825 for 6-9 and just £1,800 for 10+


To register an interest, without obligation, please send an email to:-



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